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I am Caroline Felstiner and I am an accredited Family Mediator, a Collaborative Family Professional and a Registered Social Worker. I have worked with children and families for more than 17 years. A number of years ago I became a family mediator in order to help parents and their children come through divorce without the destruction or devastation of a long battle. Together we create the foundation for you to move forward as parents in separate homes. This includes anticipating future conflicts and having guidelines on how to resolve them.

Through all our discussions, I will help you to stay focused on your children’s needs and to express your preferences and concerns making your parenting plan personal, clear and lasting. My goal is to ensure you have a balanced, realistic and comprehensive roadmap for your parenting life in the years after divorce.

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The Benefits

of mediation and collaborative family law

You Stay In Control

During Mediation or Collaborative Family Law, you participate fully in the negotiation process and actively make the decisions affecting your future. With the support of Caroline and your lawyer, you will make your decisions about parenting and settlement based on what you believe is reasonable and in the best interests of your children.

Because you participate fully, all possible solutions are open to discussion, allowing you to create a unique set of arrangements that would have been improbable in the traditional legal arena.


When divorce or separation happens most parents are fearful of losing the close relationship they have with their children. Mediation or Collaborative Law offer you the opportunity to craft parenting arrangements that respect your relationship with and contributions to your children’s lives. The needs of your children will be prioritized throughout the process.


Mediation and Collaborative Law offer parents a cost effective alternative to court or traditionally negotiated agreements. You share the cost of Caroline’s fees and the streamlined process assists you to keep the costs lower.

A Note About Confidentiality

Information shared between you and the mediator is confidential. Caroline will not share your information unless there is risk of abuse or neglect of a child, or where she is required to do so by law. With your consent Caroline will share information with your lawyers.

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