Felstiner Mediation Office

  • 1033 Bay St., Suite 314, Toronto M5S 3A5
  • 416.723.6716

Felstiner Mediation is centrally located on Bay Street, three short blocks south of Bloor Street. The office is accessible by public transit, offers nearby parking and is wheelchair accessible. The closest subway station is Bay station on line 2.

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Privacy Policy
Caroline Felstiner protects and respects the confidentiality of all information shared with her. In order to conduct mediation, collaborative family law processes or a consultation, you will be required to share personal information. When working with Caroline you will sign a mediation agreement, consultation agreement or participation agreement which reviews the confidentiality provisions of the work as well as other matters such as payment of fees. With few exceptions your personal information will not be used for any purpose other than the provision of services that you consent to. Caroline has a legal obligation to report concerns that a child is at risk of harm. Caroline also has a duty to report concerns that a client poses a risk to themselves or others. Caroline will request your written consent to share information with a third party, except where she is required to do so by law. Caroline takes reasonable precautions to protect your information including securing information in locked filing cabinets and password protecting any electronic files. No other person has access to Caroline’s electronic records and passwords, nor to her filing cabinets.
You may stop sharing personal information at any time.