How it Starts:
Mediation and Collaborative Family Law are most successful when you are prepared and fully able to express your needs, your goals and your concerns. Caroline always begins with a private meeting with each parent. Through this private meeting she learns about the conflicts you had, your priorities and your readiness to make decisions. This meeting is an opportunity for you to confidentially share any concerns you may have about the process, the other parent or your own ability to participate in negotiations.

It is at this point that Mediation and Collaborative Practice diverge.


Mediation is a way for you to negotiate your parenting arrangements after a separation. Caroline uses her years of experience and warmth to guide you through the challenging discussions needed to settle your parenting plans. After private, individual meetings you will attend joint mediation sessions where Caroline supports you to:

  • identify the issues in dispute
  • discuss your preferences
  • consider a variety of possible solutions to the issues
  • review any information that will be helpful in making informed decisions.

More than one joint session may be necessary before you are able to reach agreement on all of the issues. Caroline will draft a Meditation Report that accurately reflects the decisions you have made together. Your lawyer will provide legal advice on your decisions and will draft a Separation Agreement based on the arrangements made in mediation.

Collaborative Practice

Collaborative family law is a lesser known but very effective way of negotiating a separation agreement. You and your spouse retain collaborative lawyers and all of you commit to respectful, fully informed discussions. Caroline is part of the collaborative law team. Acting as a family professional she guides you through conversations about your parenting arrangements and prepares a draft parenting plan that will be finalized, after consultation with your lawyers, in a Separation Agreement.

In some circumstances, Caroline will act as a neutral professional, supporting lawyers and yourselves during challenging discussions. Caroline ensures the process is balanced, emotions are managed and the negotiations are considerate and productive.


Caroline offers brief consultation services to parents struggling with specific issues. For example, Caroline will provide guidance on:

  • telling children about the separation/divorce
  • communication strategies after separation and divorce
  • supporting children through the transition period
  • children’s views and preferences in out of court negotiations

If you have questions regarding your specific needs, please contact Caroline for more information.

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